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Pokémon GO


The game which forced everyone to go out, walk, and interact with other players, no matter the age

Niantic, Inc. - November 13, 2019
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Pokémon GO
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If you haven't heard about Pokemon Go, you probably slept through the entire year 2016 when the game was literally impossible to avoid. Everyone was running around with their phones, trying to catch Pokemon, level them up, and be the first to catch them all. Three years later, let's see how the game holds up!

When the game originally came out, it didn't feature a lot, to be honest. You could use the map to locate Pokemon, they would appear on your screen and you would simply flick to throw a ball and try to capture them. Some landmarks in your city are marked as PokeStops or gyms where you can collect items or engage in not-so-amusing gym battles.

However, it got quite boring after a month or two when you realize there is literally nothing else to do in the game. Also, finding new Pokemon was difficult and you would only see Pidgeys and Zubats everywhere you go. The game has been updated since and it provides amazing new features such as battling friends or other trainers 1-on-1, Pokemon raids where you can catch fancier Pokemon than you can simply find in the wild. You can also trade Pokemon with your friends.

The social aspect is crucial in the game. The game doesn't even teach you how to throw the PokeBall properly and that is something you learn from interacting with other players. It's great to see a group of twenty strangers gathering together for a Pokemon raid. The influence the game has on social interaction is greatly enhanced with battles and raids. However, your enjoyment will greatly depend on whether you have anyone to play with or if your town is on with the Pokemon frenzy!

Not everything is fun and games! The game requires you to be online at all times with your GPS turned on. This can really have an impact on your battery life. Also, Niantic (game publisher) often experiences server malfunctions and issues which can prevent you from enjoying the game properly.

• Free-to-play
• A great and innovative concept
• New features provide battles, raids, and Pokemon trading
• Pokemon in the wild are more diverse
• It can really empty out your battery quickly
• Servers are often down
• You can only enjoy the game if people around you are in on it too
• New features should have been released earlier


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• Android 5.0+

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Operating system: Android

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Release date: 2019-11-05

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